Writer: Shelton needs full-day K ‘to set the foundation’ for first grade

To the Editor:

Shelton, it’s time we joined the rest of Fairfield County and provided full-day kindergarten to our children.

The requirements to complete kindergarten and enter first grade have changed dramatically, and we have not provided our teachers with increased hours or resources to set the foundation for our students to meet the guidelines for first grade.

This has caused a rushed kindergarten schedule, children being given remedial assistance that may not truly require it, and increased our costs for special education and tutors.

Our current half-day kindergarten environment provides no time for social interaction and development.

I encourage our community to reach out to the Board of Aldermen, Mayor Mark Lauretti and the Board of Education to work together to make full-day kindergarten a reality in the 2014-15 school year.

All of the elementary schools have the space and curriculum. Our only obstacle is money.

Is that really an obstacle?

It’s time our elected officials get creative, stop pointing fingers, and work together to make this happen. It’s the right thing for our community.

Lori McKeon