Challenger says DeLauro's 'proudest vote' will cost some voters big bucks

James Brown
James Brown

Congressional candidate James Brown is warning that many people receiving Obamacare healthcare subsidies will have to pay some or all of the subsidies back.

The Stratford Republican said this could end up costing some people hundreds or even thousands of dollars when they do their 2014 taxes.

“Taxpayers are going to suffer this spring when they file their taxes,” said Brown, who is challenging longtime Democratic U.S. Rep Rosa DeLauro in the Third Congressional District, which includes a part of Shelton.

He pointed to an Associated Press article that stated “over a third" of the 7 million households currently receiving healthcare premium subsidies through the Affordable Care Act will end up having to pay back part, if not all, of their tax credits to the IRS.

“The administration is doing little to warn taxpayers about this impending tax liability,” Brown said.

Limits on repayment caps

“For the average household, owing just 10% of their subsidy will cost hundreds of dollars,” said a release from Brown.

“It only gets worse from there,” Brown continued in the campaign release. “Repayment caps that some individuals and families are covered under do not protect households of four or more who have an annual income above $94,200.”

Puts constituents in ‘precarious situation’

Brown said DeLauro, in August 2013, proclaimed that voting yes to pass the Affordable Care Act was one of the "proudest votes" she has ever taken.

“The congresswoman ... is proud to have put her constituents in a precarious situation when they go to file their 2014 taxes,” Brown said. “Some may find out that not only will they not receive a refund, but they actually may owe the federal government hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.”

Brown said the potential tax liability from the Affordable Care Act “ is what happens when the federal government overreaches ... Ms. DeLauro championed this act, and is still proud of it, even though her constituents are going to be footing the bill for her unaffordable ideology."

About Brown and DeLauro

James Brown grew up in Newtown, graduated from Newtown High School in 1987, and now lives in Stratford. He taught high school math for 21 years and has been a track-and-field and cross country coach for 19 years. In Connecticut, he taught in Stratford and Bridgeport.

Learn more about his campaign at www.jamesbrownforcongress.

DeLauro is seeking a 13th term in the Third Congressional District, which is based in the greater New Haven region. It includes a part of Shelton. DeLauro lives in New Haven.