Democratic Planning and Zoning Commission member Jimmy Tickey said he would bring “a balanced approach” to zoning issues.

“If elected, I will work to improve our quality of life and foster economic growth in the city of Shelton,” said Tickey, a lifelong Shelton resident who attended the city’s public schools.

“I believe in a business-friendly community that takes a balanced approach to development,” he said. “That approach will keep our tax-base low, while maintaining the character of our neighborhoods. I support smart development that enriches our city, respects our community and looks toward future growth.”

Tickey said as a small business owner, “I understand what it takes to create and develop a business from the ground up. At a young age, I started my own consulting business and since then have worked locally with entrepreneurs, organizations, and other small businesses.”

Tickey is seeking a four-year term on the P&Z, which has six members and two alternates.

Pushed to modernize city’s budget process

Tickey now serves as vice chairman of Shelton’s budgeting Board of Apportionment and Taxation, where he said he’s “worked to set and monitor the city of Shelton’s budget and make improvements to the process. This year, I supported a decrease in the tax rate while maintaining city services.

“Additionally, I along — with my colleagues — made an effort to meet with every department, board or commission that requested taxpayer dollars from the city of Shelton,” Tickey continued. “I was a strong advocate for improvements to make the budget process more accessible and transparent through the use of technology.”