McGorty on big victory in state rep race: 'Wow - what a night!'

Republican Ben McGorty of Shelton thanked his family and supporters after coasting to victory in the Tuesday special election for state representative.

“Wow — what a night!” McGorty said during brief remarks at a victory celebration at Vazzy’s in Shelton.

“We have to keep this momentum going because we have a primary on Aug. 12,” McGorty added.

He also thanked state Rep. Jason Perillo for overseeing his campaign, calling him the “mastermind” of the big win. Perillo also is a Shelton Republican.

About 50 people gathered in a room at Vazzy’s to celebrate the win.

Initial results show McGorty defeating Democrat Arlene Liscinsky of Shelton by about a three-to-one margin, although that’s without the Trumbull numbers. The 122nd District includes slightly less than half of Shelton as well as small parts of Stratford and Trumbull.

‘That man works’

Earlier in the evening, Perillo read aloud the results by polling district as they were relayed to him. Each result posted on a board brought cheers from those gathered, as McGorty was winning by wide margins.

Perillo congratulated McGorty for running a strong campaign. “That man works,” Perillo said of McGorty. “That’s how you run a race. That’s how you win.”

Democrats gather for results

Earlier in the evening, before the results were known, Democrats gathered at Bricks & Barley Tavern in Shelton to prepare for the incoming numbers.

Like McGorty, Liscinsky had visited all five polling places throughout the day to meet with people as they were about to cast their ballots.

“I have as good a chance as any,” Liscinsky said. “Regardless of what happens, we’ll be moving forward.”

During her visits to the polls, she said most voters wanted to talk to her about federal issues such as immigration and Obamacare, although some expressed concerns involving state issues as well.

Liscinsky also praised people who voted in the special election on a hot and humid day in the middle of the summer.

“People who came out today are the true-blue, never-miss-a-vote people,” she said. “They are dedicated voters, who really perform their civic duty. I give them a lot of kudos.”