For Board of Aldermen President John F. Anglace Jr., the strong Republican showing in Shelton on Tuesday shows that the GOP shares the values of Shelton residents.

“We have tried to identify people’s values and what they think is important,” said Anglace, a Republican who was easily re-elected to his seat. “They agree with the things we are doing.”

Mayor Mark Lauretti was re-elected in a landslide and the Republicans will continue to control the Board of Aldermen by a 7-1 majority.

Anglace thanked voters for their confidence. “We all, from the bottom of our hearts, appreciate the opportunity to serve two more years,” he said.

Making progress

The city is making progress in many areas, Anglace said, including in education by upgrading school facilities and technology. He said the new propane school buses will save the city money.

“Yes, we’re tight with the money,” Anglace said. “We demand results and we are getting them.”

Anglace said he hopes to continue to serve as Board of Aldermen president.

‘People are happy’

Re-elected Republican Alderman John P. Papa said he was “very excited about the victory. People are happy with the way the city is being run.”

Papa also was pleased with the higher voter turnout of about 40% in the Fourth Ward (Mohegan School), compared to the rest of the city. “It’s nice to see how many turned out in the Fourth Ward,” he said.

Republican Alderman Eric McPherson, also re-elected, said he’s eager to continue moving the city forward.

“We’re very excited and grateful the voters have recognized what we’ve accomplished in the last two years,” McPherson said. “They’ve shown they overwhelmingly approve of the direction we’re going.”

Mayor can work with others

Re-elected Republican Alderman Lynn Farrell said the big win by Lauretti is partly due to “the mayor’s willingness to work with everyone.”

Republican Alderman Stanley Kudej, re-elected to a seventh-term, said he had expected his race to be closer, with the possibility that Democrat Michele Bialek could present a more serious challenge to him and McPherson in the Second Ward (Shelton Intermediate School).

School system challenges

Republican Win Oppel was happy to be re-elected to the Board of Education.

“We have to keep moving the [school] system forward,” he said. “It’s always a challenge with regulations and changes.”

Two major issues facing the school board are implementing state-required teacher evaluations and the possibility of adding a full-day kindergarten program, Oppel said.