Brill receives AFL-CIO endorsement

Democratic 21st District State Senate candidate Monica Tujak Brill received the endorsement of the Connecticut American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). 

“We are proud to endorse Monica Tujak Brill for state Senate because of her strong commitment to supporting working people across Connecticut,” said Connecticut AFL-CIO Lori Pelletier. “Monica stands for what’s important to working families – investing in our schools, establishing an earned family and medical leave program, raising the minimum wage, and ensuring equal pay for equal work. On top of that, she wants to make sure our seniors have a secure retirement and lower insurance costs, so they can afford to stay in Connecticut. For these reasons, our members unanimously endorsed Monica and we believe she will be a strong voice at the Capitol for all workers in the state.”

Tujak Brill appreciated the support.

“This country and state were built on the backs of the labor movement and members of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, and we have much to be proud of for the hard work and dedication shown by our workers who helped and continue to protect the middle class, strengthen our economy and build a stronger America,” Tujak Brill said. “It is with much sacrifice due the American labor movement that we all today enjoy the many benefits found in the private and public sectors like better wages, hours, healthcare, working conditions and job protection, and we must never forget that,” she added.

Brill is trying to unseat Republican State Sen. Kevin Kelly for the 21st District post.