DeLauro thanks voters, will work to 'rebuild' the middle class

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, who represents part of Shelton, thanked voters for returning her to office for a 13th term.

The Democrat easily defeated Republican challenger James Brown in Tuesday’s election.

DeLauro said she views her re-election as “an incentive to work harder, to get more things done, and to help make a difference for the families of our district and our nation. There is so much to do.”

Speaking at a victory party at the Shubert Theater in New Haven, she focused on the middle class during her remarks.

“We need to invest in rebuilding the middle class and making sure that everyone who puts in a hard day’s work gets a fair day’s pay.,” she said.

“Right now, far too many jobs do not pay enough to live on. Even as prices keep going up, median income has barely moved since 1995 and the federal minimum wage is far too low.”

DeLauro said she has spent her career fighting for equal and rising pay, work/family balance, and early and affordable education, and now they are “at the center of our national discussion.”

Making the system work

She plans to get things done, despite all the partisan bickering. “We cannot have any illusions about the dysfunction in Washington, D.C.,” DeLauro said. “It is a toxic environment, but that cannot be an excuse for inaction.

“Tonight, the voters of this district have placed their trust in me to make the system work for them. And that is what I am going to do,” she said.

Brown: ‘Principled, conservative campaign’

DeLauro credited Brown for running “a spirited campaign, based on his convictions and principles. I appreciate the challenge, and the time and effort he has put in as an educator.”

For his part, Brown thanked his supporters for all they have done for him.

“Over the past 12 months, thanks to the help of my family, friends and supporters, I've had the time of my life,” he said. “Running for office forces you to learn a lot of things in a short amount of time.

“I am proud to have run a principled, conservative campaign,” Brown continued. “I did not receive money from special interests, and I remain beholden only to my own values.”

He said he is disappointed with the results, but accepts “the will of the voters ... I hope my opponent spends her 13th term truly listening to the people.”