Debicella concedes race for Congress to Himes

Republican Dan Debicella of Shelton has conceded the race for Congress to the Democratic incumbent, Jim Himes.

While some towns have yet to report, he said it appears he’ll lose by about 53%-47%, the same margin as he was defeated by Himes in 2010.

“I’m very proud we ran a campaign based on ideas,” Debicella said. He hopes that that some of those ideas — such as tax reform, fixing traffic problems in the district, and fixing Obamacare with market-based reforms — will be implemented.

“It’s about helping families live better lives,” he said.

Debicella said he has called Himes, who lives in Greenwich, to congratulate him.

He said the 2014 results almost mirror those from four years ago — town by town, almost every result is within a few hundred votes of those in 2010.