Debicella focus is Washington 'mess' in first campaign TV ad

The congressional campaign of Dan Debicella of Shelton is launching a TV advertising campaign early, releasing its first ad, “Messy.”

The first campaign ad has Debicella talking with a woman in her home about how his background can clean up Washington. The woman’s toddler is in the background eating, making a mess in a high chair.

“Big job. Messy job,” the woman tells Debicella about running for Congress.

Highlights his background

Debicella, a former state senator, talks about how his father was a police officer, learning the value of hard work from his parents, being the first person in his family to attend college, and having a business career.

“I know what the stakes are,” Debicella says, after mentioning he now has his own family.

‘Thrilled to be up on TV’

John Puskar, Debicella campaign manager, said the campaign is “thrilled” to be running television this early.

Debicella, a Republican, is trying to unseat third-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Himes of Greenwich in the Fourth Congressional District. In 2010, Himes beat Debicella in his first re-election race.

The Fourth District includes most of Fairfield County, including much of Shelton (a small part of Shelton is in the Third Congressional District).

“We are thrilled to be up on TV this early in the election,” Puskar said. “Thanks to over 1,500 small donors here in Fairfield County, we have raised enough money to be competitive to with special interest money fueling Jim Himes’ campaign.”

Pushkar said the Debicella’s campaign message is simple. “Washington is a mess, Jim Himes has become part of the problem, and Dan Debicella has better solutions to help our families,” he said.