ELECTION 2014: Shelton voters being asked to bond for $5m to pave local roads

Shelton voters will be asked to approve $5 million in bonding for road paving and related improvements.

It will be the only local referendum question on the ballot. There also will be a statewide referendum question focusing on loosening the restrictions to use absentee ballots in Connecticut.

City officials are hoping Shelton voters will approve the local ballot question. The city has spent $11.5 million on upgrading roads since 2008, with $11 million of that coming through three referendum approvals by voters in recent years.

Officials now hope to get access to more money to continue the road improvements.

“Rebuilding roads is an expensive proposition,” Mayor Mark Lauretti said. “We have 200 miles of roads and some haven’t been touched in 30 years.”

The Board of Aldermen approved putting the road work referendum question on the ballot.

How the question is worded

The referendum question that will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot will read as follows:

"Shall the $5,000,000 appropriation and bond authorization for the reconstruction and resurfacing of roads in the city of Shelton be approved?"