Fairfield County Democrats call for a Day of Action

The Fairfield County Democrats is an organization of  Democrats from all towns of Fairfield County who believe that the goals of a just and fair society can be achieved through common action, they said. To that end, the organization has planned a rally at Mill River Park, Washington Boulevard and Broad Streets in Stamford, on Sunday Jan. 15 at 2 p.m. for Democrats and all residents of the area to express their solidarity with a progressive and humanitarian vision of our country, and state their opposition to policies that promote discrimination, evisceration of the social safety net and other views that they said are held by the  incoming administration
The Fairfield County Democrats said the rally is about much more than obstructing the GOP-Trump agenda, but more so about promoting issues and Democratic values that serve the American people, and those in Fairfield County.
These include preserving the social safety net (affordable access to health care, preservation of Social Security, and Medicare); seeking social justice; providing a living wage in high cost Fairfield County; policies that grow jobs; investment in infrastructure, particularly mass transit; immigration reform; LGBTQ & women's rights; affordable higher education; electoral college reform; legalization of marijuana; climate change and the preservation of our environment; and of course, stemming the power of money in politics.
The Democrats said the goal of the rally is to allow people to express themselves, but to also send a clear message to our local, state and federal representatives (many of whom will be at the rally) that they are paying attention and will be doing so every day from now until we succeed.
Many organizations have embraced this rally including local unions, musicians, artists and advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ organizations. Anyone interested in helping to organize this event, and to make signs and visuals should come to Democratic Headquarters located at 1250 Summer Street Stamford, Room 306, on Friday the 6 and Friday the 13 starting at 6:30pm.