Himes campaign counters some Debicella claims

The campaign of Congressman Jim Himes is countering some fund-raising claims made by the campaign of Republican candidate Dan Debicella.

In a campaign press release, Debicella highlighted the fact that he raised $302,883 in his race for U.S. Congress during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Debicella, a former Republican state senator from Shelton, is seeking his party’s nomination to challenge Himes, a three-term Democrat from Greenwich. Debicella ran unsuccessfully against Himes in 2010.

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The Himes campaign outraised Debicella during the fourth quarter, pulling in $372,996. Incumbents usually raise more money than challengers.

Himes campaign has cash advantage

When it comes to campaign fund-raising, the Himes campaign noted that Himes has an overall cash advantage of about $1 million over Debicella at this time.

The Debicella campaign had said Debicella had 430 individual donors vs. 160 individual donors for Himes in the fourth quarter, but the Himes campaign said 342 individuals made contributions to the Himes campaign during that filing period.

People who contribute less than $200 during an election cycle do not have to be listed as individual donors.

The Himes campaign said Debicella’s campaign reported having 222 individual donors in its fourth quarter filing.

Based on this information, it appears better comparisons for the fourth quarter would be 430 overall donors for Debicella vs. 342 overall donors for Himes, and 222 listed individual donors for Debicella vs. 160 listed individual donors for Himes.

Himes, like most incumbents in either party, is expected to raise more of his campaign funds from political action committees rather than individuals, when compared to a challenger.