Kelly runs for state senate seat unopposed

Sen. Kevin Kelly, (R-21) represents Stratford, Shelton, Seymour and Monroe in Hartford. Kelly is an elder law attorney and owner of Bishop, Jackson & Kelly, LLC.

In the Senate, he is ranking member on the Aging Committee and Insurance and Real Estate Committee.

He and his wife, Cindy, live in Stratford and have four children and three grandchildren.

His statement is below:

Thank you for the trust you placed in me when you elected me as your State Senator. I am honored to be your voice in the Connecticut Senate.

I spent my career fighting for seniors in their hour of need and helping their loved ones through some of their most difficult times.  I’ve been in their corner, and I ask for your vote because you need someone in yours.

Our State is in trouble. We’re losing jobs, racking up debt while our taxes go higher and higher. What Hartford is doing isn’t working and I believe we can do better.

Our challenge is to turn Hartford around with fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and investment in our economic and educational infrastructure with a focus on: lowering our taxes, revitalizing our economy, caring for our seniors, protecting our environment, and obtaining our fair share of educational funding.

As your State Senator I opposed new taxes and fought to reduce spending in order to force the State to live within its means to ease the financial burden on middle class families. I supported bills and projects that will improve our economy, clean our environment and create jobs. I voted for better education and schools for our children. And, I advocated for better care for our seniors and respite for their care givers. On Election Day, with your vote, we can send a message that the taxing and spending must stop and together, we’ll get our State working for all of us once again.