McMahon and Murphy vie for Senate seat

Chris Murphy, Democrat

Chris Murphy represents Connecticut’s 5th District in Congress. He’s focused on bringing jobs back to Connecticut and known for his commitment to listening to people, knocking on doors year round and holding office hours at supermarkets. Chris lives in Cheshire with his wife Cathy and their sons Owen and Rider.

“What are the pressing needs of the state and the country, and how, specifically, do you plan to address them?”

Connecticut’s next senator will face crucial decisions about the future of our country. As we recover from a painful recession, families are more driven than ever to achieve the American dream, and businesses are working overtime to remain competitive and grow. As Senator, I will work to help Connecticut businesses hire new workers and ensure that families have a fair shot at reaching their goals.

As the son of a public school teacher and a product of the middle class, I know that Connecticut working families are looking for a Senator who will invest in education and the middle class and work to protect benefits for seniors.

I’ve spent my entire career fighting for the middle class, and in Congress, I’ve worked hard to support Connecticut jobs. I fought job-killing budget cuts to Connecticut’s defense manufacturers and local companies like Electric Boat, and I fought for “Buy American” legislation to support Connecticut businesses and jobs.

While we work to create jobs, we also need a tax system that helps small businesses grow and gives families a fair chance. I will continue supporting tax cuts for the middle class, but will ask millionaires to pay their fair share to address the deficit.

After decades of progress, our country also faces an assault on women’s rights, Medicare and Social Security. I’ve made it clear that I will stand with women to protect their rights from anti-choice conservatives, and I will continue to fight efforts to turn Medicare into a voucher program and privatize Social Security so that our seniors can rely on the benefits they’ve earned.

My campaign has been about more than talking points and personal attacks, because I have a record of fighting for Connecticut, and plan to keep doing it in the Senate with your vote on Nov. 6.

Linda McMahon, Republican

Born to civil service employees in rural North Carolina, Linda McMahon learned the value of hard work. She and her husband fought back from bankruptcy to create and build an international entertainment company, WWE, that now employs nearly 700 people. They have two children and six grandchildren.

“What are the pressing needs of the state and the country, and how, specifically, do you plan to address them?”

The biggest challenge America faces is getting our people back to work. Every day, millions of people, including 170,000 here in Connecticut, wake up without a job to go to. Professional politicians talk a good game, but when it comes to delivering on their promises, they fail. If we truly want to fix the mess in Washington, we cannot keep electing the same people who created the mess in the first place.

I’m the only candidate who has created jobs. I’m the only candidate who has built a business from scratch, who has written and balanced budgets, and who has had to deal with the consequences of Washington’s taxes and regulations.

I’ve met with over 250 small business owners all over Connecticut, and I hear the same stories. They feel overtaxed and over-regulated. They’re tired of professional politicians talking about creating jobs, but then passing taxes and regulations that kill jobs. As a proven job creator, I have walked in their shoes and felt their frustrations. To restore our economy, our country desperately needs a job creator’s perspective in Washington, someone to speak for America’s small businesses.

As Connecticut’s next U.S. Senator, I will be that voice.

I have a detailed Jobs Plan with six common-sense solutions to help get America working again. We must cut taxes for small businesses and the middle class. We must cut the red tape that’s stifling business growth and stop the out-of-control spending in Washington. We must empower a skilled workforce by giving people the training they need for jobs available today. We must move responsibly toward producing more energy in America. These solutions will ignite job growth and prosperity.

I’m the only candidate with a real plan for reviving our economy, and the only candidate with the experience to get the job done.