Miller runs for state office unopposed

Larry Miller (R-122) was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1991. He represents areas of Shelton, Stratford and Trumbull.

Rep. Miller is a former member of the Stratford Town Council, Stratford Planning and Zoning Commission, and the separate Zoning Commission. In Hartford, he serves on the Housing and the Environment, and Energy & Technology committees.

He is running unopposed.

Larry Miller’s statement is below:

I have continually expressed my concerns regarding the fiscal situation the state finds itself in. With a new governor, who was a “tax and spend” former Mayor of Stamford, he instituted the largest tax increase in the state. His $1.8 billion tax increase couple with over-spending has led to Barrons Financial magazine listing our state as number 50 — the worst state in the nation.

With a very weak economy, Gov. Malloy is trying to spend his way out of the recession. The vast amount of our nation’s governors have reduced spending and not raised taxes. Economists have stated that our state will not recover for a number of years. We currently have a budget deficit and it looks like there will be more deficits in the future.

During the past session, Republicans did present a no-tax increase budget with a series of spending cuts. However, the Democrats voted it down. The only way we can attract businesses is by providing million dollar financial incentives to companies promising to create 200 jobs in our state.

During the past year, the General Assembly passed a jobs bill and created a number of tax credits to help small businesses. We also passed a number of educational reforms which will improve teacher performance.

I plan to submit a bill that will increase the penalty for texting or using a cell phone while driving, as well as increasing the penalty for driving under the influence. Other bills I plan to submit focus around protecting wetlands, reducing pollution in Long Island Sound from our sewage treatment plants and other bills that will deal with clean air and clean water.