No announcement Friday on Lauretti signatures

No announcement was made Friday on whether Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti’s campaign handed in enough valid signatures to qualify for the Aug. 12 Republican primary for lieutenant governor.

A decision is expected to be released Monday by the Secretary of the State’s office on whether Lauretti qualified for the primary.

Lauretti needed to turn in the signatures of 8,190 registered Republicans in Connecticut by June 10. His campaign has said they turned in about 9,000 signatures, but some are expected be ruled invalid because the signers are not registered voters, are not registered Republicans, and for other reasons.

“It’s just a waiting game,” Lauretti, now serving his 12th term as mayor, said Thursday evening.

The signatures are being checked by registrar of voters offices across the state, based on where the signers are from. The Lauretti campaign had less than three weeks to collect the required number of signatures.

Boughton now out of race

Many GOP political insiders have speculated that Lauretti will fall short, partly based on the fact that Republican Mayor Mark Boughton of Danbury dropped out of the race for governor this week.

Boughton and Lauretti were going to run as a team, primarily to combine their campaign donations to qualify for the state’s public financing program. Boughton has said one reason he dropped out was because he couldn’t qualify for public financing without Lauretti in the race, implying he didn't think Lauretti had handed in enough valid signatures.