Perillo: Prevent tax hikes, boost downtown in new term

State Rep. Jason Perillo of Shelton knew it was going to be a good night before the votes were even counted.

“I think I won!” joked Perillo on his way into the Republican election night celebration at Vazzy’s.

That’s because Perillo was running for re-election unopposed in the 113th District, which includes about half of Shelton.

“This has been an honor and privilege to serve Shelton, and I’m thrilled to do it again,” said Perillo, a Republican first elected in a 2007 special election.

He said a goal in a new term is to make sure people don’t get hit with additional tax increases.

“Dan Malloy passed the largest tax increase in state history,” Perillo said the Democratic governor, who appears to have been re-elected. “Priority number one is making sure that doesn’t happen again.

“Priority number two for Shelton is continuing our progress in downtown development,” he said. “Downtown is the next economic frontier in Shelton.”

Perillo said boosting the city center and nearby riverfront district will involve government funds, changes in regulations, and “making it easier for investors to build there and add value to our grand list.”