RACE FOR GOVERNOR: Visconti drops out and backs Foley; Two polls give Malloy slight lead

It’s been a weekend of developments in the race for governor, as voters prepare to go to the polls on Tuesday.

Independent gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti has dropped out of the race and endorsed Republican Tom Foley.

Visconti, who had pursued the Republican nomination before deciding to run as a petitioning candidate, said when endorsing Foley that he wanted to make sure Malloy didn’t win a second term.

More Visconti voters generally have indicated in polls that they would support Foley as their second choice for the state's top elective office, but not by a particularly large margin.

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Visconti’s decision is expected to give Foley a boost after two polls released over the weekend showed Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy with a small lead in the race.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) showed Malloy ahead by a 3%. The results were Malloy at 44%, Foley at 41% and Visconti at 6%. Polls by PPP tend to lean Democratic, and the firm only polls for Democrats in its private work.

Rasmussen Reports showed Malloy ahead by 1%, with Malloy at 48%, Foley at 47%, and 2% for other candidates. Rasmussen Reports polls tend to lean Republican.

Most polls during the campaign have shown a very close race, including those by Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University, an independent polling outfit.

Also on Sunday, President Barack Obama came to Bridgeport’s Central High School to back his fellow Democrat, Malloy. At a rally, Obama urged supporters to make sure they made it to the polls to vote for Malloy on Tuesday.