Rep. Jason Perillo will seek re-election to legislature in Shelton

State Rep. Jason Perillo has announced he will seek re-election this fall, citing economic challenges and the need to avoid tax increases and eliminate some government regulations as reasons.

“Particularly in this economy, there is much at stake for Shelton residents,” Perillo said. “Now is not the time for tax increases.

“Given that the state’s financial picture is bleak, I will be proposing budget cuts this session that do not put jobs at risk,” he said.

“We need to remove regulations and bureaucratic red tape that holds employers back and prevents them from hiring workers," he added.

Perillo was first elected to the state legislature in 2007. He previously was the volunteer chief of Shelton’s Echo Hose Ambulance.

Represents most of Shelton

A Republican, Perillo represents the 113th District, which covers most of Shelton. Perillo serves on the Appropriations, Transportation and Public Health committees, and is an assistant Republican House leader.

Part of Shelton is in the 122nd District, represented by longtime Republican Larry Miller, who lives in Stratford.

Perillo said that in 2011 he co-authored a state budget alternative that would have avoided the tax increases proposed by Gov. Dannel Malloy and passed by the Democratic-led legislature.

Points to successes

Perillo said he wants he wants to build on past successes on behalf of Shelton.

Following a fire that caused extensive damage at Shelton High School, Perillo said, he authored legislation that requires tighter oversight by fire marshals and school boards.

He also pointed to his work to help secure $2 million in state bond funding for infrastructure improvements and road reconstruction in downtown Shelton as evidence of his accomplishments.

Most recently, Shelton has been the recipient of grants for environmental cleanup that will lead to new development downtown and improvements to road infrastructure, he said.

Perillo said he has shown he can work across party lines to get results in Hartford. “I have worked very well with the other party to drive legislation that will strengthen Shelton’s fire department, help Shelton’s farms, and ensure that criminals of violent crimes do not receive early release,” he said.

Employment, education and family

Perillo, 36, works as a consultant to nonprofit organizations and local governments on ambulance and public safety matters.

He has master’s degrees in public policy from Harvard University and business from Boston College, and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Georgetown University.

The lifelong Shelton resident lives with his wife, Becky, and their newborn daughter, Lydia, in the home where his grandfather, former Shelton Mayor Vincent P. Tisi Jr., grew up.