The race for the 113th: Incumbent Perillo challenged by Matto

The race for the 113th district is the only contested state race in Shelton this year. Incumbent Jason Perillo is challenged by Elaine Matto, a democrat Here is more about both candidates:

Elaine Matto, Democrat

Matto grew up Stratford, the fourth of five daughters. She has been a nurse for over 25 years, working in home health and hospice. She is now a nurse case manager at St. Vincent's, helping people transition out of the hospital.

She moved to Shelton in 1983, where she bought a house from Ralph Matto, who became her future husband and shared his love of the city with her.

Matto’s mother, 99, still lives in her own home in Stratford, and just completed a nine-lap swim at the Shelton Community Center to mark her 99th birthday.

“I like to think I inherited her strength of character, zest for life, and never-failing desire to take on new challenges,” Matto said.

Her statement is below:

I am running for State Representative to give a voice to the thousands of people in Shelton who want more from their Representative than platitudes and clichés against taxes and government; people who want a forward thinking Representative with honest ideas.

In 25 years of nursing, I have served people from all walks of life, young and old, rich and poor, caring for them over periods of months and even years, as they struggle with life's greatest challenges. It is astonishing, humbling and revelatory to be a part of these lives, to help, to know what they are up against, and to witness true heroism. Again and again, I see how the ways we are organized as a society can support or fail them.

All of the important issues we face intersect and are highlighted in my patients’ and their families’ stories: How we protect and use our resources, how we educate our children — our future professionals and innovators — how we plan for our future. Too many people in our state are struggling to maintain their middle class standing — or worse — falling through the cracks. We can do better, but it won't be easy.

I have the ability, from my education, work and life experience to understand complex issues, to keep an open mind, to ferret out the winners and losers in every proposal and to discern the motivations involved.

As a State Representative I will put those abilities to work for our community. And always, my guiding principal will be “people first.”

Jason Perillo, Republican

Jason Perillo is a lifelong Shelton resident. He volunteered as the Chief of Shelton's Echo Hose Ambulance from 2004 through 2008. He was the Co-chairman of the Shelton Relay for Life, which raises funds for cancer research. He serves on many non-profit boards in Shelton and the Valley.

Prior to being elected to the State House, Jason served as Vice-Chairman of Shelton's Tax Board, as a member of the city's Planning and Zoning Commission, and as a member of the Board of Aldermen.

He and his wife, Becky, live on Coram Avenue.

His candidate statement is below:

With Connecticut unemployment rising above 9% following Governor Malloy's $1.8 billion tax increase, now is the time for difficult decisions and a fundamental change in our government.

From 1990 to 2011, Connecticut was one of only a few states to experience negative job growth. Connecticut's high taxes, massive government spending, and job-killing regulatory environment are the cause.

Four simple rules that we all have learned are the solution to our troubles: (1) Do not spend more than you make; (2) Borrow only what you can afford to pay back; (3) The more government tries to do, the less it does well; and (4) We should have all the government we need, but only the government we need.

The votes I cast on your behalf follow these core beliefs. To hold down spending we must privatize social services to find much-needed savings and marginal government agencies should be shut down permanently.

To truly stimulate our economy, we must reject tax increases. To help local businesses, we need tax incentives that will encourage existing employers to create new jobs.

I have fought poor policy-making in Hartford and have collaborated with other fiscal conservatives to craft budgets that cut expenditures. I voted against Governor Malloy's tax increase.

I have worked closely with members of both parties to pass legislation that is important to Shelton. Whether authoring legislation that protects our children from school fires or fighting against costly local mandates, I have a proven record of bipartisanship.

I am asking for your continued support on Nov. 6.