The race for the 4th: Himes and Obsitnik face-off

Steve Obsitnik, Republican

Steve Obsitnik is a Stamford High and Naval Academy graduate. A combat veteran and nuclear engineer, Steve served aboard submarines and at the Pentagon before earning his MBA at Wharton. Steve was CEO of Quintel, teaches business at Sacred Heart University, and lives with his family in Westport.

“What are the pressing needs of the state and the country, and how, specifically, do you plan to address them?”

I’m running for Congress because you deserve better.

Here is what we have to show for having Congressman Jim Himes represent us: chronically high unemployment, skyrocketing national debt ($6 trillion added in less than 4 years) and millions of Americans who simply cannot find a job.

Congressman Himes has proven his big government, big spending policies don’t work.

We must create jobs, fix our fiscal mess and return responsible and courageous leadership to Washington.

Today, fewer people in Connecticut have jobs than they did in 2009, gas prices have doubled and food prices have skyrocketed. Even with concrete evidence to the contrary, my opponent still believes more spending and more government are the answers to our problems.

After serving my country in the Navy for nine years, I spent the last 15 years building small businesses and creating high-tech American jobs. I’m the only candidate in this race who has created jobs, and knows what businesses need to grow: a level playing field and the ability to plan for the future. Small business is not a photo op for me, as it is for Jim Himes.

In business, I was successful because I developed a strategy, had a plan or budget, measured success and was held accountable. We need courageous leaders in Washington who will do the same.

I will go to Congress to get things done, to make difficult decisions, to be held accountable and not worry about re-election. I will focus on job creation, fiscal responsibility and courageous leadership.

Small businesses can’t afford this economic uncertainty. Our kids can’t afford the status quo of schools that are not preparing them for the 21st Century. And, our families can’t afford more job loss.

We can’t afford two more years of Congressman Himes.

Simply put, you deserve better.

Jim Himes, Democrat

Jim Himes is currently serving his second term representing Connecticut’s 4th District in Congress. He worked as a business and nonprofit executive before entering Congress. Jim and his wife Mary live in Cos Cob where their two daughters attend local public schools.

What are the pressing needs of the state and the country, and how, specifically, do you plan to address them?

With millions of people still out of work, the most important thing Congress can do is foster job growth in the private sector. That is why I was proud to co-author the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which makes it easier for small businesses to raise capital to expand and create jobs.

Another way the government can stimulate job growth is by making targeted investments in our national infrastructure. Not only will rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges improve public safety, but it will also create manufacturing and construction jobs now. To take the politics out of transportation investment decisions, I support establishing a National Infrastructure Bank, which will bring together state and local governments with private businesses to fund our nation’s critical infrastructure projects.

To ensure our nation’s long-term success and help our children enjoy the prosperity of previous generations, we must restore our education system as the best in the world. We need to make the right reforms and investments now to give all children access to quality early education, ensure high school students are ready for college, and that our graduates are prepared for 21st Century jobs.

Just as pressing as our need to put Americans back to work is our need to get our budget under control. That is why I voted for the Cooper-LaTourette budget, based on the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, which uses a balanced approach of cuts and revenues to put our nation back on sound fiscal footing. The budget I voted for reduces the deficit, reforms the tax code, and invests in infrastructure and education — all while preserving Medicare and Social Security. I am proud to be one of what USA Today called the “Brave 38” Members of Congress to vote for Cooper-LaTourette, and I will continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass a fair and responsible plan to put our nation back on a path toward fiscal sustainability.