Before FILMORE was touring with prominent country artists and launching his brand he was Tyler Filmore. The Wildwood, Mo., native relocated to Nashville in 2011 after graduating from college and dove into the music industry. The singer/songwriter is known for his hit “You Know You Wanna.”

FILMORE will be performing at the Palace Theatre in Stamford on Feb. 28. In anticipation of his upcoming show we spoke with him about how he fell in love with music and how he has evolved over the years.  

Janis Gibson: What drew you to music?

Tyler Filmore: I was originally into sports, but when I was in the fourth grade I learned we could earn an extra recess if we joined the chorus, so I did, and stuck with it. I earned a scholarship to Mizzou [University of Missouri], where I was a voice major. I am classically trained, even appeared in a couple of operas while I was in school, but at the same time I began writing and performing my own music, which is country-influenced. Rascal Flatts was a big influence. I picked up the piano when I was in college to accompany myself — I couldn’t  really afford to pay an accompanist — and played with my brother, who now works on the sound side, and a couple of other guys. I learned the acoustic guitar when I got to Nashville.

JG: Did you grow up in a musical family?

TF: I don’t come from a musical family, but my mother was born in Columbia and she has relatives who play in bands there, so the talent probably came from her side.

JG: Did you consider other career options?

TF: Music is something I always wanted to do, but initially there is the question, “Do I take the leap?” But as I performed, I became more confident and things started falling into place and I found more successes. When I moved to Nashville in the fall of 2011, I found the town to be supportive. I feel lucky to be able to do music full time.

JG: In what ways did you feel supported?

TF:The willingness of people to look out for you and to make introductions, then for friends to put you in front of their audiences to help you build your own. I’ve toured with Sam Hunt, Michael Ray, Russell Dickerson, Chase Rice and Jon Pardi, among others, and have had sold-out headline club dates.

JG: Your look today is quite different than it was a few years ago; how did it evolve?

TF: When you’re starting out, people have a tendency to put you into a bubble, and you might adapt to fit in or emulate someone you admire. But music is about finding yourself, your voice your thoughts, and now I know who I am and how I look reflects that. To anyone starting out I would say trust your instincts.

JG:Tell us a little about the music you play.

TF: I like all kinds of music, but country is where my heart is. I perform original songs that tell a story, all that have an element of person experience. It’s similar to Sam Hunt in being uptempo. I consider my music anything but typical, it crosses genres — but if you enjoy good music, you’ll enjoy my show.