Here Come the Mummies is an eight-piece funk-rock band composed of “5,000-year-old Egyptian mummies” with a one-track mind — terrifying funk from beyond the grave.

For more than two decades, HCTM has opened for everyone from P-Funk to Al Green to Cheap Trick and even rocked the Super Bowl Village.

Legend has it the group was cursed after deflowering a great Pharaoh’s daughter. Yet others claim they are really Grammy-winning studio musicians who are moonlighting in disguise. Whatever the truth, HCTM’s mysterious personas, cunning song-craft and unrelenting live show are not to be missed.

Here Come the Mummies will play The Palace Theatre in Stamford on Saturday, April 14. As they got ready for the gig, bandmates Mummy Cass and Midnight took some time to “wrap” with us about their mysterious careers.

Loria: What can those coming to the Stamford Palace expect from your performance when you visit?

Mummy Cass: To get their wigs flipped inside out by eight 5,000-year-old Egyptian mummies playing original undead funk.

Loria: Your group is known for its live show — the fun, the uniqueness — how important is it to you to create an “experience” for the audience?

Mummy Cass: It’s way up there, naturally — and we put a lot into it. Musically, and technically. We want to make sure we burn down your inhibitions like an old casino, and make your clothes fall off.

Midnight: That takes work. Lucky for you, we enjoy it.

Loria: The band claims it’s comprised of mummies around 5,000 years old. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the music industry during that time?

Mummy Cass: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It is going to be hard … and totally worth it.

Midnight: I was just sayin’ the same thing, on a separate topic.

Loria: How do you keep your sound fresh?

Mummy Cass: We just always follow our instincts, no matter where they lead us. Experimentation is the “gin in the vermouth,” as somebody said.

Midnight: Sometimes you gotta scrub it with a wire brush, though.

Loria: What is the appeal of mummies? Why is this something that audiences respond to?

Mummy Cass: Because people are using their imaginations. Since you don’t know too much about who and what we are, it’s easy to project your wildest fantasies onto us.

Midnight: And we thank you.

Loria: Layered beneath the wrapping, it’s rumored that there are some Grammy Award winners as part of the band. Can you confirm?  

Mummy Cass: Nope. But the rumor isn’t without truth.

Midnight: I don’t want to avoid knowing what you mean, Cass.

Loria: Here Come the Mummies has been going strong, playing live for almost 20 years. Are you still with the original players? How much turnover is there in the group?

Mummy Cass: And that is just in this modern era. Well, you’ve always had your Eddie Mummy, your Mummy Cass (that’s me), your K.W. TuT, your Spaz on keys. … There’s Midnight, he’s been around forever, too. Ra comes around from time to time, and “The Flu.” Mummy Yo shows up now and again, and then there is a pretty new guy, unearthed in another part of Tunisia, who plays trumpet. We call him the High Priest of Death. HPOD for short. Oh yeah, and “The Pole,” on a whole lotta bass.

Midnight: And there’s this guy Midnight, too. He plays everything. Talk box, keys, percussion, vocals. It’s pretty obvious who’s up there workin’ the hardest.

Loria: For those coming out who aren’t aware who you are, how can you prepare them for what’s about to come out on stage?

Mummy Cass: Just know that you are gonna have a hard time taking it all in, but it is gonna be fun to try. Sort of like having 36 hours of shore leave in Tangier.

Loria: Kiss is infamous for decades of never being seen in public without makeup, but eventually gave in to the public demand. What would it take for you to unwrap and reveal yourselves?

Mummy Cass: Baby, if you tried to take off our fetid wraps, the human-jerky underneath would peel right off, too. Nobody wants to see a bunch of dusty skeletons just lying there.

Midnight: Except for a few weirdos.

Loria: What else would you like people to know about you? Any projects coming up in 2018?

Mummy Cass: We are making a live album of entirely new songs. We are working them into the set two at a time, like some bizarre Noah’s ark of funk, gettin’ good at playin’ ‘em, and recording it all.

Midnight: We’ll release the pick of the litter later this year. We want to hear Y-O-U screaming along.