Men's basketball: Valley Roofing hammers Goon Squad

In A Division play, Valley Roofing outplayed Goon Squad 66-52, Scinto’s Finest topped CDW 65-42, and Uptempo won by way of forfeit over Pagliaro’s Power Source.

John Marro and Matt Hackney both had the hot hand for Valley Roofing scoring 22 and 13 points, respectively.

Yardley Marcelin had 16 points for Goon Squad in the loss.

Brendan Abell and Dan Guttman led Scinto’s Finest to victory, scoring 14 and 13 points, respectively.

Mike Truncone scored 11 points for CDW in the loss.

In B Division play, Danny O’s knocked off Blanchette’s 33-25, Total Comfort outplayed Cahill Law 45-38, and KFC squeezed by Zamba Graphics 46-45, winning on a buzzer beater tip in to win the game.

Dave Lazar led the scoring for Danny O’s, putting in 10 points in the win.  Mike Festa scored 10 for Blanchette’s in the loss.

Miguel Rodriguez and Wayne Teel both had great scoring nights for Total Comfort, dropping 15 points a piece.

Rich Kopec led Cahill Law with 11 points.

Mark Lauretti and Mike Marshall led the scoring effort for KFC scoring 13 and 11 points, respectively.

Mike Hart scored 14 points for Zamba Graphics in the heartbreaking buzzer-beater loss.