Men’s basketball league results

In A Division play, Valley Orthopedic took care of CDW, 52-41, Pagliaro’s Power Source outplayed Goon Squad, 87-75, and Scinto’s Finest topped Uptempo, 82-59.

Jim Beckwith and Al Franceschini both had the hot hand for Valley Orthopedic, scoring 14 points each.

Sean Irwin had 11 points for CDW in the loss.

Completely taking over the game for Pagliaro’s was John Newman and John Ribas with 35 and 32 points, respectively.

Yardley Marcelin led all scorers for his Goon Squad with 26 points.

Dan Guttman put in a great effort for Scinto’s Finest with 33 points, assisted by Nick DaPaz with 14. Once again, Aaron Gagner was the leading scorer for Uptempo with 17 points.

In B Division play, Blanchette’s ran by Danny O’s, 42-28, Zamba Graphics edged out KFC, 35-32, and Cahill Law dropped Total Comfort, 50-33.

Centry Gamble and Mike Festa led the scoring surge for Blanchettes, scoring 18 and 16, respectively.

Bill Ferris recorded nine points for Danny O’s.

Mike Billingslea put in 14 points for Zamba, helped out by Mike Hart with 13.

Frank Skoronski had nine points for KFC in the loss.

Joe Thompson was on his A-game for Cahill, scoring 20 points, while Joe Martino helped out by dropping 13.

James Kirby had 13 points for Total Comfort in the disappointing loss.