Shelton Youth Cheer wins three National championships

Shelton Youth Cheer squads took home National titles in Division 14, Division 10 and Division 8 at the American Youth Cheerleading National Competition held at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida on Dec. 9.

The locals competed over a two-day period against the best of the best for a championship title, as well a coveted National Championship jacket. More than 200 teams qualified.

Shelton advanced after it placed first at the Regional competition in Manchester (N.H.).

Shelton’s Division 14 (ages 11-13) team was coached by Julie Bibby and Patti Prodan.

Leading Shelton to victory were Isabella Anderson, Carissa Badamo, Leah Bailey, Alicia Berardi, Julianna Bojnec, Sadie Brennan, Noelle Burgess, Madeline Cebrik, Lillian Dewitt, Alexandra Gencarelli, Isabelle Griffith, Sarah Kearns, Kayla Kilincoglu, Madison Mainiero, Christina McPadden, Elizabeth Miska, Ava Novais, Mia Novais, Lori Oksenberg, Ella Platt, Jane Platt, Samantha Prodan, Emma Quigley, Leyla Reinhardt, Brynn Roscoe, Mara Stanko, Camryn Tomey, Nadya Uyar, Ava Woods and Adrianna Wutke.

In charge of demonstration were Liz Uyar, Celine Kilincoglu, Molly Carr and Victoria Villalobos.

Coaches were Bibby, Prodan, Stacey Brennan, Jess Gencarelli, Shelley Tomey, Shelly Woods and Monica LaRue. Cheer coordinator was Jessica Gencarelli.

The Division 8 (ages 6-8) team was coached by Angie DeWitt, Erin Boyle and Ami Delbuono.

Team members are Lyliana Bohlin, Nora Burgess, Carine Chea, Carlice Chea, Aurora Colon, Sofia DeFranzo, Kailee DelBuono, Evangeline DeWitt, Gianna Gonzalez, Riley Hopkins, Arianna Irvin, Reagan Libby, Madisyn Mantovani, Kira Moore, Keira Ostrom, Gabriella Palmieri, Sofia Scappatura, Zoey Stone, Maddalena Szabo, Sofia Tamas, Alyssa Thomas and Kaelyn Weber.

Rachel Dillon, Sophie Dewitt, Emma Testani, Julianna Demarco and Autumn Murphy were in charge of demonstrations.

The Division 10 (ages 8-10) was coached by Kim DeJesus and Courtney Cole.

Team members are Ariana Gianpoalo, Angelina O'Leary, Emily Bourque, Emmeline Shampnois, Rylie Riggs, Skylar DeVesta, Joanna Slavin, Isabella DeJesus, Jayne Sentocnik-Lasky, Ava Wcislo, Madisyn Moore, Violetta Kushta, Abigail Ziegler, Kaia Lee, Briana Marini, Grace Krailler, Sarah Judd, Olivia Judge and Khloe Shipchack.

Leading demonstrations were Trista Oddo, Caitlyn Carruth, Saige McCartin and Maia Vailinski.

Kim DeJesus, Courtney Cole, Michele Bourque, Harley Cole, Candy O'Leary and Nicole Judge were coaches.

Shelton Youth Cheer also had two non-compete teams that performed at the local and state level.

Shelton Tiny Mites consisted of 5 and 6 year olds and were coached by Melissa Jennings and Amanda Falconieri.

Shelton Unified is made up of special needs children, coached by Kayla Liggins and Lynda Brunswick.

Tiny Mites, 12 athletes, five student demonstrators, were coached by Melissa Jennings and Amanda Falconieri.

The Unified-Inspiration team of 28 athletes was coached by Kayla Liggins and Lynda Brunswick.

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