Shelton back on track, record falls

Elizabeth Porto (third), Aida Ouloul (second) and Susie Porto (first) swept the pole vault versus Hamden.

Elizabeth Porto (third), Aida Ouloul (second) and Susie Porto (first) swept the pole vault versus Hamden.

Shelton High Athletics / Contributed photo

Shelton’s indoor track teams competed in their first meet in more than a year when they took on Hamden at the Floyd Little Athletic Center in New Haven.

The Gaels were not only chomping at the bit to return to action but posted outstanding numbers.

Audrey Kozak set a school record when Shelton girls swept the 55-meter hurdles for coach Jason Kymer.

Kozak was first in 10:26 followed by junior Aida Ouloul 10:30, sophomore Kayla Falanga 10:39, sophomore Susan Porto 10.93, junior Olivia Salluhi 11.63 and sophomore Emily Zaleski 13.75.

“Audrey is a sophomore and do set a new mark in her first meet back was fantastic,” Kymer said. “I’m impressed overall considering kids are running with masks on and that adds its own degree of difficulty.”

Shelton met Hamden in the first competition for either squad since last February. The meet with was broken in half on March 4. Half the running events were held along with field events shot put. high jump, pole vault and long jump. The other running events, along with more field events, will take place when the meet concludes on Friday in New Haven. Right now, Hamden is the only scheduled meet.

“It was refreshing, to a kid they were happy to be there and they did well,” coach Mike Barone said. “Jason Lorent had a 6.47 in the 55-meter dash, a personal record for him. Michael Rodia’s school record in the indoor is 6.44. Jason is looking strong, hopefully he’ll get another run or two at it down the line.”

Barone noticed how the athletes rode the emotional wave brought on by competition.

“When we started the kids were silent, the meet was an example of the kids being as back to normal as they can be,” he said. “In terms of team enthusiasm, it’s gone up and up. They are chatting through their masks and just being happy. Those little things mean more than the meets.

“For indoor, it was a moratorium for so long. I was happy to be able to train them. We usually have 50 kids a team (boys/girls), but we still had 65 come back. It was a huge turnout. I’ll never forget it. Its young kids too. I was happy with that. Are we going to get the next group of freshmen and sophomores? It worked out that we are still getting talented kids.”

Barone believes the delayed start and short schedule has been a curse and a blessing.

“The team did virtual workouts before getting back together,” he said. “From there we were doing time trials, we were able to do some things. What was good was that we could train continuously with the kids. We had 5-day weeks without meets. That meant good individual training with each athlete. The kids came out putting up good times and good distances.”

Kymer agreed: “It was weird not having meets at first. Usually preseason is limited to conditioning. This was an opportunity to be event specific: hurdle, throw. The weather was not cooperating for us all through February, so the kids were excited to be at Floyd Little.”

Barone said sharing the coaching benefits the athletes.

“I have the sprinters. Coach Matt Read is with the jumpers. Coach Kymer has been our hurdling whisperer for years. He also does distances in the winter,” Barone said. “Scott Snell is the throwing coach. He was a head coach and stepped away with his young family but came back this year. We all work with all the kids.”

Kymer said: “We all have our areas of expertise, so it helps. Coach Mike Gambardella comes back for outdoor to handle the distance runners. I’m pumped at the guys over there at Hillhouse who put in the hard work to put something together for us to get this in for kids and coaches.”

Girls roundup: Audrey Kozak was first in the high jump (4-10).

Susie Porto won the pole vault (8-0). Aida Ouloul was second (6-6) and senior Elizabeth Porto third (7-0).

Senior Elizabeth Uyar was first (27-11) and sophomore Diana Banks second (17-09) in the shot put.

Kozak was meet best in the 55-meter dash with a time of 7.66. Ouloul was second (8.04), junior Annelyse Sherman third (8.27) and Falanga sixth (8.40). Junior Nina Turski was eighth (8.52), sophomore Taylor Ostrosky ninth (8.62), freshman Isabella Andrews 10th (8.85), senior Victoria Schildknecht 12th (9.61) and sophomore Grace Loiz 14th (10.30).

Adriana Franzese, a junior, took first in the 1000-meter run with a time of 5:48.91. Classmate Greta Parkes was second (5:51.07), junior Emily Vasser fourth (6:40.17) and senior Amy Ageda fifth (6:40.17). Vasser was sixth (7:05.89), junior Megan Breunig seventh (7:17.72), sophomore Teresa Weisenberg eighth (7:27.41), Salluhi ninth (7:42.13) and junior Grace McPadden 10th (8:11.79).

Ostrosky placed second in the 600-meter run in 1:55.61. Junior Mia Chen was third (1:56.23), Porto fifth (2:01.69), senior Allysa Verdicchio eighth (2:02.61), and Salluhi 10th (2:13.46).

Boys roundup: Sweeping the shot put were senior Andrew Mysirlidis (50-05.25), junior Carson McKinnon (36-00) and sophomore Tyler Radzion (34-10).

Junior Jason Lorent ran a 6.47 to win the 55-meter dash.

Junior Samuel Klein took second in 6.94, followed by sophomore Ari Papademetriou (7.00), senior Joshua Zamani (7.10), and sophomore Caleb Ranger (7.12). Junior Joseph Savino was eighth (7.33), freshman John Quevedo ninth (7.56), senior Suhass Nadella 10th (7.58), senior Spencer Bryant 12th (7.75), Narmar Bazile 13th (7.84), sophomore Joshua Dokla 14th (7.85) and freshman Adam Klein 15th (8.02).

Akeem Perry was first in the 55-meter hurdles in 8.69 followed by senior classmate Narmar Bazile in 10.47.

Perry won the high jump at 5-6. Savino was second (5-4), Nadella third (5-4), Papademetriou fourth (5-4) and sophomore Jackson Jones fifth (5-0).

Sophomore Aidan O’Grady placed second in the 600-meter run in 1:32.80. Sophomore Jayden Opper was third (1:34.68), Jones fourth (1:35.36), senior Christian Magel seventh (1:52.87), and freshman Jack Gloria ninth (1:55.57).

Junior William Rodrigues ran a 4:50.47 to be edged for first by .17 in the 1600-meter run. Sophomore Garrett Robinson took fourth (5:22.26), sophomore Christopher Carroll fifth (5:22.23), sophomore Gabriel Zamani sixth (5:30.32), sophomore Matthew Darak seventh (5:43.65), junior Joseph Ciambriello eighth (5:48.57), sophomore Benjamin DeMartino ninth and sophomore Josh Ilano 10th (7:23.90). Twitter: @blox354