Shelton players take on season

Leya Vohra, Reem Abdel-Hack and Keira O’Connor are four-year varsity players for Shelton.

“No matter what level — freshman, jayvee varsity — coach Cav or coach Kat (Chambriello) they all teach us the same disciplines. So, once you reach the starting level everyone has played with the same mentality whether they were with the freshmen or jayvees.

For us, defense is key. Defense drives our offense. The main part of defense is communication. You can see it at our games, everyone is talking to each other. Where the screen is coming, where are the shooters. In at least eight of our games, we’ve held opponents to within 30 points or less.”

— Leah Vohra

“This year team chemistry is at an all-time high. I think having teammates there for you is a key to our success. On offense I’m up top and Clarissa is down low, where she is a much taller player than most teams we play against. I look down to her first, a big to big pass. I was always a center. This year I moved my position to a four (forward), so I’ve adjusted to going outside to defend the three and stay out there on the good shooters. We go out to play our best.”

— Reem Abdel-Hack

“We have the upperclassmen and the underclassmen each get paired up. They get each a little gift before certain games. Every year we get each other a Secret Santa gift. You can go to each other throughout the season if something comes up. It’s just someone you can rely on if you need anything. Big sisters are someone you can look up to. They are always there. They get who you are. When you are younger it is harder to make connections with other people. I was on varsity as a freshman, so it was easier for me, but I know for other players at practice you are not always on the same side of the court. Or with freshman or jayvees you are not on the same bench. But with the Sister system there is a bridge. You get to know everyone. Working together as a team, whether it is field hockey, soccer or volleyball, you bring that over with you when basketball starts. I think that is why we have been successful.”

— Keira O’Connor