Shelton runners shine in Fairfield Half Marathon

Although Sunday’s Fairfield Half Marathon was won by Ethiopia’s Tsegaye Getachw, 19, in a time of 1:05.23, and the top three finishers were also from Ethiopia, Shelton had some solid representation.

For starters, just completing the 13.1-mile course is an accomplishment in itself. What’s more,  Shelton’s Alexandros Papanikolaou, 47, was 110th overall, among nearly 3,000 finishers. Papanikolaou clocked in with a time of 1:33:04.

Shelton’s Alex Moe, 32, came across the finish line in 1:41:57, good for 263rd place overall. Sean Mallon, 42, finished 299th in 1:43:23. Jose Zarama, 50, finished in 302nd place in 1:43:29. Carl O’Donnell, 49, came in 352nd in 1:44:52. Christopher Zapata, 28, was 376th in 1:45:35.

Danielle Hall, 42, was Shelton’s top female competitor and finished the course in a time of 1:48:15, for 467th overall. Jeff Einig, 52, was 471st in 1:46:59. Adrienn Kovacs, 38, placed 630th in 1:51:25. Janet Voelpert, 69, was 875th in a time of 1:56:31; she placed third in her age category of 65 to 69.

Nagy Marcell, 15, was 879th in 1:56:39. Justin Belden, 23, was 920th in a time of 1:57:27.

Michael Southham, 42, finished the course in 968th place in 1:58:27. Nicole Corica, 23, got in under two hours in a time of 1:59:54, good for 1,069th place.

Cemal Dikmen, 49, finished 1,080th in 2:00:03 (he had a net time of 1:59:20 but the race results were based on overall times).

This was Paul Miskowicz’s third half marathon. Miskowicz, 33, finished in 2:05.40, and was accepting of but not thrilled with his time.

“Today’s not a PR day – it’s about finishing,” he said, noting that the heat and the fact he’s training for a marathon in Philadelphia this fall, were factors in his performance. “I’ve done this course better before. This time of year I’m just happy to be running more.”

Miskowicz started running only five or six years ago, but has already run two marathons. He enjoys the Fairfield course, which takes runners along the sound and through scenic parts of Fairfield, Southport and Westport, beginning and ending at Jennings Beach.

“It’s one of the better courses other than the time of year which makes it very tough,” Miskowicz said.

The course is also known for having bands and cheer squads, as well as a high number of water stations and areas where runners can get sprayed with water to cool down.

“Beyond that all the neighbors come out and watch and cheer on,” said Steve Lobdell, the race director.

The title sponsor for the half marathon is the Faxon Law Group. Proceeds from the race, hosted by the Fairfield Firefighters, benefit various local charities, including the Hole in the Wall Gang.