Trio paces Shelton to victory over Daniel Hand

Audrey Kozak, Susie Porto, Rebekkah Hurlbert each took home a pair of first place finishes when Shelton defeated Daniel Hand 112-40.

Kozak won the long jump (16 feet, 10 ¾ inches) and the 300 hurdles (50.2 seconds).

Porto earned first in the high jump (4foot, 10 inches) and pole vault (9 feet).

Hurlbert took the top spot in the discus throw (92 feet, 3 inches) and the shot put (30 feet, 10 inches).

Taking firsts were Jahneil Marshall triple jump (30 feet, 6.5 inches), Seniqua Remy javelin throw (74 feet, 3 inches), Hannah Andrejczyk 800-meter run (2:32.7), Adriana Franzese 1600-meter run (5:31.6), and Aida Ouloul 100 hurdles (17.2 seconds).

Kozak, Franzese, Johnson and Mia Chen won the 4x400 relay (4:23). Annelyse Sherman, Taylor Ostrosky, Marshall and Franzese won the 4x100 relay (52.2 seconds).

Sara Buglione was runner-up in the 1600-meter run with a time of 6:34.5. Monika Rudzinski placed third (6:57), Rhianna de Andrade fourth (7:00), Grace McPadden fifth (7:05.8), Greta Parkes sixth (7:38.2), Alexandra de Andrade seventh (8:00) and Summer Spinelli eighth (8:01).

Hamden, Career meet

Audrey Kozak was first in the 100 (13.0 seconds), high jump (4 feet, 8 inches), long jump (17 feet) and triple jump (35 feet, 10 inches) versus Hamden and Career Magnet.

Rebekkah Hurlbert won the shot put (27 feet, 11 inches) and discus (98 feet, 4 inches).

Susie Porto placed first in the pole vault (9 feet) followed by Aida Ouloul (7 feet, 6 inches).

Adriana Franzese (12:29.6), Hannah Andrejczyk (12:49.6) and Megan Breunig (15:32) swept the 3200-meter run.

Mia Chen took first in the 300-meter hurdles (52.4 seconds). Olivia Salluhi was fourth (58.6) and Kristina Bratz fifth (59.6).

Annelyse Sherman, Taylor Ostrosky, Jahneil Marshall and LeAnn Francois were first in the 4x100 relay (52.1 seconds).

Theresa Weissenberg, Chen, Meena Chandir and Parkes won the 4x800 relay (11:26.1).

Sheniqua Remy placed second in the javelin throw (66 feet, 9 inches), third in the shot put (25 feet, two inches) and third in the discus throw (64 feet, 6 inches).

Malalaikah Johnson and Ostrosky tied for second (28.1 seconds) in the 200-meter run. Kaelyn Horn (29.1) was third.

Ouloul was second (17.1 seconds), Olivia Salluhi third (18.1), Olivia Marino fourth (tie 20.1) and Gianna Bacoulis fourth (tie 20.1).

Emily Codere was second (2:40) in the 800-meter run. Chandir (3:04) took fourth, Daria Navarro sixth (3:29), Veronica Bialek seventh (3:38) and Kysbel Belliard eighth (4:17).

Francois (13.1 seconds) and Horn (13.1) took second and third in the 100. Nina Turski tied for sixth (14.1).

Malaikah Johnson was third (1:06.7) in the 400-meter run. Magdalena Lupa (1:12.2 was fifth and Victoria Lysik sixth (1:16).

Tessa Kovarczi, Weissenberg, Andrejczyk and Chen were third in the 4x400 relay (4:44.1).

Isabella Tamas took third (62-5), Sarina Bialek fourth (61-1), and Codere sixth (48-11) in the javelin.

Bacoulis tied for third in the high jump (4-2). Codere and Porto tied for fifth (4-0).

Bialek was fifth (52-8) and Isabella Tamus sixth (50-2) in the discus throw.

Jahneil Marshall placed fifth in the long jump (14-7). Marino was seventh (14-1), Turski 11th (12-11).

Piekarski was sixth (22-6.5) and Rean Mason seventh (19-2) in the shot put.

Marshall took sixth in the triple jump (29-11). Turski was eighth (26-11). Twitter: @blox354