CIAC golf rule changes

The CIAC Golf Committee has approved several significant rule changes that will take in effect for the spring 2014 season. The changes are for both boys and girls golf competition with two of the changes applicable for regular season and championship competition, while the other concerns championship format. The rule changes are as follows:

— Players are will be permitted to use distance measuring devices during competition, provided the device is limited to measuring distance only, consistent with current USGA policy. Devices with other functions, even if those functions can be switched off or disengaged, are not allowed. Multi-functional devices such as smartphones or PDA are permitted under this rule, provided it contains a distance measuring device application that meets the same standards as other distance measuring devices and is none of the other functions are used. To address equity issues, players with devices must share distance information with player partners if requested. Specific information about the requirements of acceptable devices will be included in the printed tournament packet.

— Coaches will be allowed to coach their athletes on the course during matches, pending approval of the respective course regarding personnel of the course.

— The format for the four boys class championship tournaments and the girls tournament championship will now be a shotgun start, pending course approval, in an effort to speed up the play of the tournaments. The change will lead to players finishing at roughly the same time, allowing for a more formal awards ceremony.