CIAC launches concussion information website

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference launched a new website within aimed at concussion education for schools, athletes and parents called Concussion Central.

The site located at has vital information and resources on concussions designed for all high school sports


The CIAC launched the new site following changes to its own policies, as well as recently passed legislation requiring athletic departments to provide concussion education and parental and student consent. The site is designed to provide in-depth tools to aide in the education process, explain the various requirements of the new legislation and CIAC policy, and contain all concussion-related materials in one place.

“The health and safety of student-athletes has always been a top priority for this organization, and we hope this enhanced website will prove invaluable for our constituents as we all work together in an effort to address the challenges posed by brain injuries in athletics,” stated CAS-CIAC Executive Director Karissa Niehoff.

The new site provides information about the recently passed concussion education laws, as well as the CIAC by-law changes regarding concussion education. Also included are updated educational tools including videos and files in both English and Spanish and an easy-to-navigate resources section with additional materials, all of which can be used by schools as part of

the process to educate students and parents as part of the signed consent process.

Users can view the site directly at and a link to the site will be featured prominently at