Tepper Most Outstanding Performer at SCC meet

Shelton High’s Yarden Tepper was the meet’s Most Outstanding Performer, after she won the all-around title at the Southern Connecticut Conference Gymnastics Championships in Milford on Monday.

Daniel Hand of Madison won the SCC team crown for the fifth consecutive season. The Tigers (136.55) out scored Jonathan Law, 124.5, Foran High 120.05, North Haven, 105.7, Hamden, 73.75 and Branford, 58.05.

Meg French, who placed third in the all-around, set the meet record with a score of 9.45 to place first in the balance beam.

Shelton, a team of three and not eligible for the team title, saw Julie Lindberg tie for the fourth spot in the vault with a score of 8.8.

The results are as follows:


1. Cynthia Lerman, Branford 9.0

2. Yarden Tepper, Shelton 8.95

3. Meg French, Shelton 8.9

4. Stefani Taschner, Daniel Hand, Marie Facin, North Haven and Julia Lindberg, Shelton 8.8

5. Kendall Jerzyk, Daniel Hand and Valerie Coleman, Jonathan Law 8.4

6. Erin Maxwell, Daniel Hand, Megan DiMauro, Foran and Carly Kalafus, Jonathan Law 8.3

Floor exercise

1. Kendall Jerzyk, Daniel Hand 9.15

2. Stefani Taschner, Daniel Hand 9.1

3. Yarden Tepper, Shelton 9.05

4. Maria Iennaco, Daniel Hand 8.8

5. Kayla Gyger, Foran 8.6

6. Valerie Coleman, Jonathan Law  8.55

Balance beam

1. Meg French, Shelton 9.45 (meet record)

2. Yarden Tepper, Shelton 8.9

3. Erin Maxwell, Daniel Hand 8.85

4. Amanda Rubano, Daniel Hand 8.8

5. Valerie Coleman, Jonathan Law, Becca Anderson, Daniel Hand and Cynthia Lerman, Branford 8.7

6. Julia Lindberg, Shelton, Maria Iennaco, Daniel Hand and Kendall Jerzyk, Daniel Hand 8.6


1. Stefani Taschner, Daniel Hand  9.1

2. Meg French, Shelton and Yarden Tepper, Shelton 8.7

3. Kendall Jerzyk, Daniel Hand and Cynthia Lerman, Branford 8.6

4. Valerie Coleman, Jonathan Law 8.3

5. Kayla Gyger, Foran 8.0

6. Julia Lindberg, Shelton 7.7


1. Yarden Tepper, Shelton 35.6

2. Stefani Taschner, Daniel Hand 35.4

3. Meg French, Shelton 35.15

4. Kendall Jerzyk, Daniel Hand 34.75

5. Cynthia Jerman, Branford 34.3

6. Valerie Coleman, Jonathan Law 33.95