Shelton American Little League results

Shelton American Little League results as follows:

Majors Division

Majors 4/29/13 Woods Insurance White Sox 16 vs Chagnon Electric Orioles 7

The White Sox  took this Monday night matchup in convincing fashion behind a strong pitching performance by Joey DeJesus and some flashy defense marked by a back handed stop by shortstop Owen Horne who then made a strong throw to first to nip the runner.

Majors 4/29/13 – Q Gardens Yankees 7 at Stone Garden Farm Brewers 1

The Yankees took this game 7-1 from the Brewers behind a stellar pitching performance by Max Macchia. He threw a CG no-hitter striking out 13 batters and walking just 2. Michael Rodia was one of those walks to lead off the 5th inning. He made his way to third base and scored on Kevin Derosa’s RBI groundout to short. Nick Guzek threw 4 strong innings of his own for the Brewers but behind the 1 for 2, 3 runs scored by Nick Dingwall and the 2 for 3, 2 RBI and 2R performances by Justin Barbato of the Yankees, it was just not enough.

Majors 5/3/13 Chagnon Electric Orioles 8 vs Woods Insurance White Sox 10

This Friday night matchup between the Orioles and White Sox was exciting to the end. Keegan Casey had an RBI hit for the O’s and Ryan Rodko and Lucas Deoliveria both chimed in with 2 hits a piece. A back and forth game with the Orioles holding an 8-7 lead into the last inning but the White Sox would put up 3 runs in the final frame for the win.

Majors 5/3/13 Stone Garden Farm Brewers 3 at Q Gardens Yankees 12

The Yankees won their 6th game on Friday. Lead by the strong offensive performances by Evan Van Hoose (2 for 3, 2B, 3B, 3RBI, R), Justin Barbato (3 for 4, 2B, 2RBI, R), and Max Macchia (3 for 3,2 doubles, RBI, R, BB). Pitchers Justin Barbato, Nick Dingwall and Evan VanHoose combined to hold the Brew Crew to just 3 runs. The Brewers though were led by Starting pitcher, Nick Walsh who went 2 for 3 with a double and a stolen base.

Coach Pitch

CP 4/30/13 The Draft House Yankees 17 vs. Blanchettes Sporting Goods Pirates 8

On Tuesday, the Yankees offense was led by Brendan Berardi, Dante Mallozzi, and Justin Silverstein each with two hits. While Michael Sampieri made some great defensive plays at the pitchers mound.

CP 5/2/13 Blanchettes Sporting Goods Pirates 19 vs Tom Robinson Photography Cardinals 5

The Cardinals 1st baseman, Jacob Giard had an unassisted double play and Daniel Connolly went 2 for 2 for the Cards.

CP 5/4/13 Tom Robinson Photography Cardinals 18 vs. Monts Mart Red Sox 17

In an extra inning game, Bobby McGuire had a big hit in the last inning to help the Cardinals. Ayden Sepkaski had the winning RBI hit. Austin Leiffer and Liam O’Brien each went 4 for 4 on the day.

CP 5/4/13 The Draft House Yankees 12 vs. Burns Construction Mets 6

The Yankees Jackson Jones had a couple of big hits. Michael Sampieri had a big hit and a great play in the field. Luke Uhrynowski and Luke Barrozo had nice hits and good plays in the field. The Mets were led by Kyle Miller, Joe Giliotto, and Mike Boccio each had 3 hits. Great fielding plays by Trey Bogdansky, Kyle Miller and Mike Boccio. Caleb Cavalaro had 2 hits had a great day on the mound for the Mets.