Shelton American opens season

Shelton American Little League results as follows:

Majors Division

Stone Garden Farm Brewers 9, Chagnon Electric Orioles 5

The Brewers started the season off strong with a win over the Orioles, despite good hitting performances by the Orioles’ Tyler Janik and Charlie Chagnon.

Chagnon started the season off strong with a three-run home run in his first 2013 at bat.

The Brewers chipped away then tacked on to put the game away late.

Q Gardens Yankees 9, WW Woods Insurance White Sox 4

A well-pitched game, as Yankee starter Max Macchia and White Sox starter Owen Horne pitched to a 2-2 tie through four innings. Neither starter would factor in the decision.

Tyler Woods (one hit, one run) and Horne (two hits, two runs, one triple) would both score in the bottom of the fifth, as Mike Lockavitch (two hits, one RBI) had an RBI single to give the White Sox a 4-2 lead going into the last frame.

The Yankees then sent 13 batters to the plate and scored seven runs in the last inning.

It all got started by Nick Dingwall, who had two hits in the inning while Ryan Nettle and Ben Van Tine both had RBI singles in the sixth.

Brewers 12, Orioles 11

The Orioles’ Alex Donfrancisco had his first Majors hit in the game.

Sean Rago, Bryce Bliska and Charlie Chagnon each went 3-for-4, while Ben Peters had a game-tying single in the top of the sixth to keep the Orioles alive.

The Brewers would win in walk-off fashion, scoring in the bottom of the inning to complete the two-game sweep of the week.

Yankees 16, White Sox 4

The visiting White Sox jumped out early, scoring three times in the top of the first.

Joey DeJesus had an RBI double, scoring Tyler Woods, and later would score himself, but Yankee starting pitcher Nick Dingwall settled down to hold the White Sox scoreless into the fifth to give his team the ability to come back.

The Yankees would score 14 runs in the fourth, behind Dylan DeSio (two hits, three RBIs, three runs), Max Macchia (two hits, four RBIs, three runs, two triples), Russ DeMarco (three hits, two RBIs, one run, one triple) and Robert Mackey (two hits, one RBI, two runs).

Yankees 14, Orioles 6

The Orioles saw Keegan Casey and Will Berrardi both score in the second inning, while catcher Lucas Deoliveria crushed a double in the third and Bryce Bliska’s RBI grounder would later score Deoliveria.

The Yankees offense was just too much this night, as Evan VanHoose went 2-for-3, scoring twice and adding an RBI.

Lead-off man Dylan DeSio did his job, scoring four runs and Nick Dingwall had four hits and four runs scored.

Yankees 14, Orioles 8

Oriole pitcher Charlie Chagnon had a nice day at the plate, going 2-for-3 with three RBIs and Ben Peters added three hits.

Sean Rago had an RBI single in the bottom of the sixth for the O’s as well.

But the Yankees were hitting quite well themselves.

Kyle Reis went 3-for-3, scoring twice.

Max Macchia went 3-for-4 with four RBIs.

Not to be out done, Russ DeMarco also had three hits and five RBIs to lead the Yankees to the win.

Coach Pitch

The Draft House Yankees 15, Blanchettes Sporting Goods Pirates 14

Luke Uhrynowski belted two hits, while Kaylee Gura and Ava Champagne both played stellar defense in the win.

Yankees 14,

Mont’s Mart Red Sox 5

Jackson Jones and Charlie Hare supplied the power for the Yankees and Mia Gura got her first hit in the win for the Yankees.

Nicholas Pisconiere had a great day behind the plate for the Red Sox.

Cardinals 15, Burns Construction Mets 10

For the Cardinals, catcher Jacob Giard, first baseman Roy Lenhard and third baseman Ayden Sepkaski all made excellent plays in the field.

Max Formato went 4-for-4 and Charlie Connery had three hits of his own.

Yankees 21, Cardinals 5

Luke Barrozo had four hits and Kaylee Gura had two of her own for the Yankees this day.

Nick Coppola and Tommy DeRosa both stood out in the field for the Yanks.

The Cardinals’ Joey Schiappa, Austin Leifer and Jaimie Lee Hunter all went 3-for-3 in the loss.